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Anyone doing automated trading? I really need a piece of advice

Hello everyone!
At the beginning I would like to tell something about how I came here.
I'm 23 years old software developer and I have to admit, that I really like my job, at least for now. It's hard to predict what will happen in next few years, but I think that life is just too short to spend half of it in a 9-5 job living frugal and then spend most of my savings to build a house of my dreams when I'll be about 50 years old and blow my retirement (in my country there is no such thing like 401k, it looks more like a money stealing organization, so I count on myself). This is not how I want to live and it's my main motivation why I started learning to trade.
So I started learning Forex, because of it's liquidity and high leverage. I know it' not the easiest market to undestand, but who said it's going to be easy?
I learned the basics and how it works and I also learned that trading on lower time frames is harder, but it can be much more rewarding. That's what I was looking for.
At the first I was fascinated by price action trading. The concept that I need just a price chart and no indicators sounds cool. But there are some disadvantages:
- There is a really strong human factor. When looking at the chart, someone will say that he sees a buy oportunity and another one that it's clearly short. Chart can be interpreted in many ways when we trade with price action.
- Most volatile periods are when I'm at work, so it's hard for me to practice
I know that price action trading can be very profitable, but I think it just doesn't fit me.
I wondered if I could connect my programming skills with trading and started to learn about algorithmic trading, but there isn't as much resources as in manual trading.
I'm not interested in HFT (High Frequency Trending). It's probably even not possible to make a profitable HFT robot for a normal person without super fast internet and close connection to source. I would like to make a trend catcher for lower time frames that would make just a few trades a day. I learned some mql4, made my first trading robot (not very effective), wrote some indicators to notice some correlations and I'm just playing a bit right now.
But I think that it's time to pause and think about it. Now it's time for my questions (finally).
Basically, there are two main opinions:
  1. To write a profitable robot, you need to know as much as possible about how markets work, how they work together on a very deep level. Learn and read everything and maybe in a few years you will know enough to gain profit from it.
  2. Most profitable robots are as simple as possible. Just stick to technical analysis, risk management, probability etc.

What' your opinion about that? And more importantly, is it worth to give it a shot? Sometimes I think that I just waste my time, because I know I can make a lot of money as a software developer and I should focus to improve myself in that particular thing. But it was never about money. It's all about freedom. I want to travel, I want to drive cars most people can't afford (not to show off, I just love driving) and build a house without spending savings of my life on it.
I will appreciate any feedback :)
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Anybody using Trend Catcher?

I’m new to forex trading and have gained quite a lot of basic knowledge from baby pips and a course on Udemy. I’ve been checking out the Trend Catcher indicators and they seem to be really accurate and have very few fakeouts. What do you guys make of it? Here’s a link to where I found it:
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